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Hello, this is the original Magistrate. Got bored and wanted to learn Unreal Engine 4, so I was looking through some old code and found my faldon stuff and decided to try and make a 3d version of faldon.

So after a week with Unreal and making a lamppost in Blender this is what I have:



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Haha, nicely done.


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looks good big_smile

Best Player Alive.


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Have some updates from this week:



should be available after uploads complete


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Did something different this week, changed to use geometric objects, landscapes, and packaged to android here is the apk to install if anyone wants to test it out.

https://faldon-mobile.en.aptoide.com/?s … magesoft78


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Made an update to the apk, if anyone wants to download it .  Figured some things out with blender to make some models for some buildings, added in some town guards, have all the town buildings mocked up in the correct locations.

Here is a vid of the new version https://youtu.be/yQILaTCuY-4


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Nicely done. You almost have the Mr Spy look, too, just have to lose the underwear and add some black male pattern baldness style hair.