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I misused one word, you on the other hand misused a contraction that is commonly ridiculed on the internet for a clear sign of stupidity, make incomplete and incoherent sentences, use grammar check tools to find my errors, and try to bash me for misusing than when you use programs to find it? wtf lmfao bwahaha you're a fucking joke Angeldust... what a name, sounds like a pro wrestler reject with a fetish for wearing glitter and wings while you prance to the ring with the song "hit me with your best shot" playing. I've been to other countries, and more then one. So as for your whole "I'm a fag and know the world and you don't know what the fuck is a fuck fuck or what the fuck has been fucking me" I don't care, I've seen enough to know intelligence isn't based on the number of languages you know... That was my argument you fucking tool.

Intelligence is not "based" on the amount of languages you know; however, that is not what was stated. Your lack of understanding is a clear indication of your idiocy. You are significantly lacking in many ways. I did not use a "grammar tool" to find your mistakes. I used chrome's search function to identify your errors. You did not simply misuse one word; your understanding of multiple words and proper grammar is quite obvious in all of your posts.

I had one typo, not a misuse, and have properly used the word. You are clearly failing to understand your faults and ignorance in post discussions. Please see your above quote, not only did you incorrectly use "then", you did it within the same thought that you highlighted me calling you out for it. How can you be so incompetent?   big_smile

You're still a sweetheart, little boy. If you weren't American, I would allow you to touch me; however, I do not want my Canadian awesomeness to rub off on you.

Also, you really need to stop talking, as it highlights your ignorance. You would appear to be slightly more intelligent if you were not thinking, or trying to comment on things you lack an understanding of. You should try researching what "Angeldust" actually is, moron.


Again, you come at me with grammar, which is now flawless... while the other day it was a mangled mess of what the fuck ever, admit to using grammar tools, then deny it the next day.... I find it hard to believe that you went from fucked up shit storm of typing to this holier then thou way over checked you're trying to make me feel dumb with... I could give a fuck less if you think I'm an idiot... cause I find you to be way fucking worse. Go ahead and ignore me, I know it's because not only do I make you actually feel stupid and low down, you actually are stupid and low down. You think Americans are lesser because? Hypocrite much? I could give a fuck less where you are from because where ever it is you might have one thing good that we don't here, but  this country shits on so many others overall... that's why so many people come here,  we have a hard time forcing people out. That speaks for itself. There are many nations I would love to visit, none other I would live in. I'll look up what angeldust means as soon as A glittery guy with faggish ass fairy wings on comes to me and says "my name is not angeldust." Maybe then I'll be convinced. I'm pretty sure you've never even seen PCP lmfao. So what it actually sounds like is what I'm sure your all about. Go ahead call out all my then than mistakes all you want, I know it's burning you up inside to see them all... reject. At least I don't need online tools to find grammar errors, I can find them on my own. It's obvious you do, you're errors have ceased to exist, mine on the other hand... well... I'll learn from these... that's what intelligent people do.

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Server on.