1 Sticky, Closed: Common Problems

by Lothar

2 Server bug

by Judy

3 Stat Reset still broken.

by Mister Rob

4 Can't log in

by Harse

5 Closed: Download link doesn't work [resolved]

by deceasedomen

8 Alectos Market Bug

by Frosty

10 Login screen crash

by Royal

12 Faldon keeps chrashing :(

by Aeglaeca

13 Forum Login

by Mister Rob

14 Faldon Music

by crimdolyn420

15 everythings black

by jeffhawk31

19 Can't DL game..?

by redips

20 patching

by tootall

21 No character or chat?

by Crimdolyn

22 top 50 board

by Mechanic

23 energy points on water

by dartjat

24 Dskulls and Pets

by Forest Haven

25 Mystery pots

by Mechanic

26 Website: Dutch Translation

by Mister Rob

27 website encyclopedia

by royal pain

28 spiders lvl 2 quest

by royal pain

30 the website

by Judy