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know any good books or websites for beginning c++?  i took an intro course a year ago to learn the basics of c++, java, html, basic, and vb.  this year a took a java course and now i'd like to learn some c++ over the summer.


Re: learning c++

I have heard good things about a book called Learning to Program with C++ by John Smiley..

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Re: learning c++

bahhhhh to books.

The best way to learn is to just give yourself projects and learn as you go.
Learn to use documentation, and then give yourself progressively harder projects to do.  Then learn the technologies and techniques as you go using internet sources.  You might wanna find a C++ IRC chan (i'd suggest looking on irc.freenode.com) with some people who are willing to answer your questions, as well.


Re: learning c++

Books are a very good resource and can teach you many techniques you would not pick up from just practice.  But practice IS needed, and online sources are nice too.  Lets see here are 2 links...

Lecture notes on  a C course -
http://www.csee.umbc.edu/courses/underg … dule.shtml

Lecture notes on a C++ course -
http://www.csee.umbc.edu/courses/underg … dule.shtml

Once ou follow both of those, you will have a very good understanding of C++

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i cant read :oops:

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Does anyone know any good online C++ tutorials because i am sick of using vb, not that it makes the any difference cause my comp is so shit that i can't do anything technical.  Also do you NEED to learn C before you learn C++ or is that just recommended?  Considering I already know Visual Basic and the basics of JAVA i dun really want to learn an C if C++ is just an extension of C(it is isn't it?); when i could just use C++.  I will have to learn it eventually considering i am doing computing at uni and wna get a head start so any help would be much appreaciated!


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Yes, C++ is a superset of C. Yes, you can just use C++. Since you already know some Java, you shouldn't have much trouble.

For tutorials:

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en& … B+tutorial


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K thanx man, how did you guys learn C++?


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i just took computer sciences in school, learned c++ last year, they're swiching to java now

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Re: learning c++

Bah... Like I said.... I'm too stupid to understand programming... Even if I were to take courses on it I couldn't do it........... sad oh well..... You guys are my heros.....


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Re: learning c++

u learned java? can u hel me? i can't get my @#$%ing java SDK 2 work.