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I feel i have to make my own thread on a more serious note minus the rambling of others.

Mr. James is not suitable to be a chat mod - first i will reference his post:

LMAO Feel Free to get my Chat Mod Status REMOVED! LMAO You are a bunch of 14-15 year old JAILHOUSE LAWYERS! LOL When Mommsie and DADDUMS  Try to get you out of jail...Well Good Luck Boyos! Your clever  Chats will mean nothing....Can You Defend yourself against the Big Bastard that wants your virgin butt?.....Don't think so! LOL There is No + Gaunts or armour! LMAO!  I on the other hand did so...MUmmsie and Daddums were no where in sight! I Defended Myself  Stony Mountain Penitentiary! one leg! Easy targe,t so they thought! Man did they learn! Ok so I  tried to earn a few extra buck... Got Caught....Oh well....Got a lighter sentence for being a Veteran.

1.) the above is not suitable talk for a chat moderator in game or out and obviously does not set a good example for anyone. This...anger? led to un-just mutes.

2.) Mr.James muted me for no reason, as the screenshots below will show. This was not said in a way that would encourage anyone - it was a statement, it was not negative, abusive.

3.) After my mute - I t chatted Mr.james asking why he muted me, and that all i wanted an apology as i believe his mute was out of order. He would not reply. At no point during this was I abusive, downputting or harsh. Everything was civil.

4.) Mr.James himself was muted for egging / "goading" people on. Im not sure exactly the Chat M who muted him was - I believe it may have been Kr0nic. Hopefully whichever chat mod muted him will chime in and say he was indeed muted for this. Mr James then unmuted himself - made a speech about he agreed he should be muted, then muted himself again..

All i asked for was an apology and for him to admit that my muted was unjust.

Do it here Mr.James, apologise and admit this mute was unjust and you will be forgiven in my books. That was all i wanted.

Everyone minus GM's / Mr James / The Chat Mod who muted Mr.James please refram from posting in this thread, i would appreciate it if this matter was kept seperate from eveyone elses.

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Re: Mr. James "moderating" GMS / Chat Mods

he did mute some of you unjustly, and he continued to pick and poke at you guys just as you would "pushing limits" we'll call it, and when he became angry he did become mute happy, not the first time either from what im gathering.. maybe you guys should look into it? Ofcourse it could have all been avoided if a few choice players would listen instead of question, but what can you do thats faldon for you smile, in my oppinion he was out of line and should be spoken to. I mean it shouldnt come to the point where another chat mod has to warn and try to put a stop to his actions.

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Re: Mr. James "moderating" GMS / Chat Mods

seriously guys ... theres about 6 different posts about 'being muted unfairly'  all over a 15 minute mute lol


Re: Mr. James "moderating" GMS / Chat Mods

i believe Mal asked if only the mod that muted, and gms to respond in this please, no point in spamming your two cents, thank you Ali

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Re: Mr. James "moderating" GMS / Chat Mods

I will have a word with Mr.james next time I see him. For now, given his comments in some of the other threads asking to have his chat mod powers removed, I did what he asked.


Re: Mr. James "moderating" GMS / Chat Mods

Thank you very much rick!

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Re: Mr. James "moderating" GMS / Chat Mods

I would have been more satisfied with them being removed against his will...   but either way this is for the better.