Topic: Class Selection

I remember last client, when you made a character you could choose a class. When you chose "mage" or something along those lines, you started out with level 1 fireball, and a staff. Or if you decided you wanted to be "warrior" you would start with a sword.

What happend to this idea? I think it made starting characters a lot easier, and so far that is where this game is lacking the most.

Mage- Magic missile/Staff     (Should have an in game mail sent to them explaining the stats/skills they should use)
Warrior- Sword/Shield          (Should have an in game mail sent to them explaining the stats/skills they should use

I understand there are low level quests for easy spells and weapons, but why not try to make it more simple and welcoming for new players.

Faldon is an extremely difficult game to start playing in this current age, with high level content being more concentrated on keeping current players happy. There should be more to bring in new players.

I know not much is being done for this current client, but hopefully something like this can be implemented for the future one.

Just something I had been thinking about for a while smile

So let me simply add that it's my very good honor to meet you and you may call me "V"


Re: Class Selection

This was discussed in bcast a while ago and I think it'd be a good idea. Give them some starter items, spells and skills and maybe even some preallocated stats (perhaps move away from the base 20 all stats and move some of them around, I mean, a mage has no use for 20 strength and defense, or perhaps add some stats on top of the base 20).

This would be something for the new client though, we cannot edit the GUI in the current client to allow such customization.