Topic: 1894 on a tiger

here's a big hit on a tiger,

Im using , Dragon/elect pink plate, dragon hows,dragon/electric pink boots, daem/fox bliss, dragon/sadd pavis, daem/tit mstar, dragon/ages ztali , comb pendant , im not zerked nor using empower o.0

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Re: 1894 on a tiger

And that's exactly why I think the % extra damage pre/suffs are insanely overpowered, they ruined any sort of fragile balance that existed. Combine that with Holy Armour and it makes leveling a joke really.


Re: 1894 on a tiger

While the % gear is to powerful and we see people grow hundreds of lvls in a week, maybe its time to throw some ideas on the board for the future working of % gear.
So, i guess ill start out.

My first thought was to remove the % damage from melee attacks and move them so they would work with spells. So lets say you're wearing dragon/deamonic gear it would bost up all you're fire spells, such as Flamestrike, Burning rain, Fireball, flamming arrow.
While Electricity would bost up you're lightning spells such as, Lightning, chain lit, ebolt, blizzard.
and the Silver/sun would bost up ur undead effective spells such as Exorcism and so on, you get the point.
At the moment it is impossible to compare a mage and a warrior lvling wise, this would balance the difference and solve the super god mode power lvling advantage warriors have atm, while not ruinning the % gear that some people have paid a fortune for.

My second idea.
Is to reduce the damage on %'s, but they should still remain better then an orc/tit set.
However if possible, make it so the item "locks" itself once equipped. I know some games uses "lock" items. This will make people think twice before equipping such items, and Illusory could charge an ammount of money in exchange to unlock these items.
Im not sure if "locking" is possible but I know that ive once explored the .data in the faldon folder and seen commands saying something like: "You cannot Unequip this item"

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Re: 1894 on a tiger

Well, what sort of pisses me off about this whole convo , is , i took the time and money to build a uber set of gear,this is possibly the best fire/elect % gear in the game, I would argue no one has gear even close to this.  Not everyone has the means or brains to realize looks items really dont matter and you should focus on gear with stats.

Its sort of sad that when ever someone does something good in this game people try and find a way to complain about it or be jealous rather than strive to do something great yourself.

btw , thanks for ruining one of the last good spawns in the game spy, your doin a great job. I mean , if your gonna fuck up my spawn , why not take the TO out of Hp spawn? Oh yeah because that everyone else uses.

Its bull shit , why even try and get good at something in this game, if you figure out something worth while, its just gonna get raped ,nerfed and taken away.

I was just starting to enjoy this game, i put some serious efforts into leveling , and when i start getting in the top 10 range, people start getting scared and pointing the finger at my shit. The "Ms" and "GMs" are just a fuckin good ole boys club who spend too much of there time looking out for each other, its no wonder this game is tanking and the population wont grow, everytime u get a person interested in the game you do something to piss them off.

Fuckin amateurs .

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In retirement till faldon has something for players over level 300 to do.


Re: 1894 on a tiger

Fucking right!