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Will the new client be able to run on OSX? I have a Mac that I used for school that i would love to be able to play faldon on, but cant. I mean ive used wine and got it running but its rather choppy most of the time. I play on a PC now and it plays fine but i dont like having to use my PC in the first place. And i have loads of friends who would play faldon but they all use Macs. Just figured id ask.


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one can only hope when the new client is ever released that it would be able to run better on these programs that run windows on Mac's, I used to play it on parallels and never had an issue with it, but i dunno if its because of the program emulating windows on the Mac or because of the choppy laggy nature that is faldon  smile

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Re: OSX question.

If I was a betting man, I'd go with no.  I'd wager that you'd be more likely to see a Linux version before OSX.

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Re: OSX question.

Whyd you want to play an OSX anyway? geez

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