Topic: HELP! the game keep crashing

everytime i walk across a particular place(such as the warp gate),
i get crashed and get kicked out of the game.
i removed the map datas in the faldon folder then,
however, after that, when i return to game, the animation of spells are gone ( like, i can't see the slimes/snakes but their hp bar, i cant see any fireballs, lightings etc.)
Also, all the doors disappeared.....
what can i do with such crash?  hmm

p.s i had re-installed the game several times

here are the details of the crash:

  A crash has occured.                                 
  Please mail this to P-chan (zer@neo.rr.com).         
  Be sure to mention system specifications, version,   
   what caused and what time this crash occured, etc. 

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
Fault address:  00750F23 01:0000FF23 D:\Faldon\f_ddraw2.dll

EAX: 008C3E00
EBX: 096EB840
ECX: 000000DA
EDX: 0000A6A0
ESI: 0001D3E0
EDI: 096EB830
CS:EIP: 0023:00750F23
SS:ESP: 002B:0018FE74  EBP:096EB680
DS:002B  ES:002B  FS:0053  GS:002B
Flags: 00010206

Call stack:
Address   Frame     Logical addr  Module
00750F23  096EB680  0001:0000FF23 D:\Faldon\f_ddraw2.dll
096EB6A8  096EB840  0000:00000000

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Re: HELP! the game keep crashing

Hmm. Video related...
What happens if you disable hardware acceleration in the Setup?
Did you update your video drivers recently?

Animations of all spells, or just things using alpha blending? For instance, does blizzard appear except when it hits the ground?


Re: HELP! the game keep crashing

Atleast he can log on.....I don't think anyone else can....I know I can't...worked fine last night and now I get the "failed to sychronize on stage 1"  (server did not acknowledge)  message.  I'd like to kno what is going on....patch bypasser also fails to work for me...I'm a faldon member in crisis..I NEED MY FIX!

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Re: HELP! the game keep crashing

joey server didnt crash till like an hour ago

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Re: HELP! the game keep crashing

Happy Birthday Zer!!  smile
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Re: HELP! the game keep crashing

JULIE!! we havnt talked in aggeessss and happy birthday zer smile

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