Topic: Mac Compatible

I know this has been brought up a few times before, But maybe we could bring it up again. Any plans at ALL for a mac? I have an iBook G4 and, I really want to play Faldon again. I know there are emulators for windows, but even with those, everyone says it's really slow (I do have a windows 98 install disk.) Anyways. Don't flame haha  tongue



Re: Mac Compatible

Well the current client wont be ported to mac but you could just use the dual boot thing so you can have Windows on your mac. I am not sure if the mac drivers are suited for Windows 98 though, you might have to get Win XP somewhere.

As for the new client, if you care to donate a mac to Zer I am sure he will compile a version for mac =p


Re: Mac Compatible

I don't have the fancy intel mac  yikes . As, I'm hurtin for money haha and this is all I could get. And giving him mine would dimish the fact that it needs to be a mac XD. I could loan him mine ;? haha


Re: Mac Compatible

Let me know when Faldon is Android capable...

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