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So suppose I use Spectres script editor to write up a script...  Is there any way for me to test it myself before presenting it to a GM for possible addition to the game?


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Nope, not possible. The public documentation regarding scripts is rather outdated aswell.


Re: Test Scripts

That figures...  Is there any way to get an updated copy?  Or really anything I could do to help improve Faldon?


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Meh, it's not really a ready made document, it's all bits and pieces posted on the GM forum.

As for you helping Faldon, my advise is to just give up on the current version, nothing is going to change and it's just doomed anyway.


Re: Test Scripts

That's sad sad
I figured as much when I logged on a noticed there was very little English being spoken, and the only 2 guilds that seem active are FP and SoF lol
Well kick Zer and get him to finish the next client and/or server so I can do something productive lmao


Re: Test Scripts

My NPC better be come back to life on the new client =p I will be angered if not!

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