Topic: getting a bigger player base

So i was thinking today as i got back into faldon after being gone for a long time ,that the player base hasn't increase actually if anything it has decreased, so i think that if the mods, wu, or zer aren't doing anything about advertisement why not the players of faldon help out.
The way we could all help out is by posting on any other forums you visit
you could include the game name
the website
tell them what its like
tell them what there is to do
and tell them that this really is actually a unique game
such a unique game that most skills in the game most other games dont have.

So there that's what i thought the players themselves could contribute to this wonderful game we call faldon


Re: getting a bigger player base

It's a good idea to get players that use the different forums to post about Faldon, but it all honesty a lot of the people:

A) Like the small player base because less people to take their spawns.
B) Are not really willing to help.

Also you'd want to make sure that the forums you go to are dedicated to games, so basically don't go to a health forum and post about someone dying on Faldon. tongue

Amber Wasson
L Jackass L