Topic: What does each of the enchants do?

I was wonder if anyone know what each of the enchants actually do.  I was unable to find any info on any of them.  If some has a link or something I can see what they add, that would be great.


Re: What does each of the enchants do?

All enchants will increase your attack rating by 1 but they also have special effects which depend on your religion.

Druid enchants
Grass blades
Grass blades will shoot 3 shurikens at your target when hitting it. Druids do more damage.

Tree skin
Tree skin will automatically cast a weak variant of the Shield spell on you. Druids get extra block.

Dirt golem
Will summon a dirt golem upon hitting something. Dirt golems from druids live longer.

Undead enchants
Darkness blast
Shoots a weak projectile at your target when hitting it. Undead do more damage.

Plague enchantment will poison your target. Undead do more poison damage.

Sets your target on fire (a one tile firewall effect). Undead do more damage.

Paladin enchants
Reflection is similar to Tree skin enchant but it is slightly more powerful. Paladins get extra block.

Holy retribution
Does absolutely nothing.

Heavenly light
Does absolutely nothing.

Gnomish enchants
Will give your target more "courage" when hitting it and with it stopping it from running away from you.

Does absolutely nothing.

Does absolutely nothing.


Re: What does each of the enchants do?

Thanks Mr. Spy!


Re: What does each of the enchants do?

gnomish enchants? do we have a new religion lead by small creatures tongue ?
but in all seriousness, what do u mean by gnomish?


Re: What does each of the enchants do?

Nothing at all really, I just got the information from the enchants script file. Zer marked the enchants with the religion they're tied to and he put Gnomish enchants for those last three. Perhaps he intended to add it as a religion at some point but never got around to it orso  tongue


Re: What does each of the enchants do?

Rick is telling lies. Do not ever believe Mr Spy! Its all a trap to eat you once you get near.

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