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i think horned helm needs an upgrade, +10str and stam is week and only blocks 8, maybe +15str stam and def, and block more


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i second that, also angrboda needs and art style or color change, dark helm adds no stats and is a lost artifact... some items i've noticed aren't what they could be... and psi blade needs up dmg or stats or something... it's so rare and so bleh. my opinion anyway


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and while we're at it lets just bump BoL damage up to +10.  That is all.

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Horny helm will probably be upped a bit some time in the future.


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Horny helm? Is it like a helm with a 15 inch dildo attactched to the front of it? I sooo want to sit on your face right now if it is...

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Even better, it has two of them.


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indeed, two 15 inch curvey dildos, i know FB will love this.



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Doomed tali
horn helm
psi blade
dark helm

all need updates


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That's selfish, you want those items that you own to be upgraded so that their values will increase (or for self-purpose)!
But sadly, no one wants to buy anything at all.


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Royal wrote:

Doomed tali, only lose some - resist
angrboda , different art, maybe slightly better stats
horn helm, more str, stam, block damage
psi blade , more dmg
dark helm , something usefull for mages, maybe half of whatever dvh adds?
all need updates

What about Knight Plate? some str,stam adds?

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Holy Cape also needs some adds, maybe Strength and Magic or even some Holy dmg %, it blocks good, but thats about it.

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kplate should add some stam and def