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Macumba is an offering to the gods of Candomble, an offshoot of
African spirits. It consists of a bunch of crap put in
crossroads at the foot of the trees that die with it, in which Cacheiro
tourists bathe and gets that dirt, broken shards, dead animals
rotting, burning candles that cause the fire ... Insane thing ... but it is
Religious freedom, defended the constitution! ..
This is dont jk and yes a *#&%*(#&%*#& people that play FALDON.


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Impressively inane, cassio52.  You've outdone yourself this time.


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So what is this supposed to mean? Please explain


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I will try.. Macumba is a religion things that practices dirty stuff as described above. I assume that Cassio does not like this and is trying to let us know that its not normal?


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Cassio has been calling Maldozo Macumba in game and people have been asking him what it is but he said it is to bad to say in bcast so maybe he came here to tell what it is?