Topic: Maybe it's time to set Faldon free...

I think it's safe to say that Faldon's niche in the world has been completely crowded out by hundreds of other F2P MMOs that have been flooding the market.  It's really a shame to see the game in such as state as I have the utmost respect for any single person who can put together an MMO in his spare time that once rivaled all other F2P games on the market.

I know how it's been said that Zer has been unwilling to release the source code to the game, but perhaps it would benefit the world if he were to change his mind on this.

Currently, other open source RPG engines of much lower quality (Eclipse MMO, for example) maintain a large and active community of people working together to improve the source code and create their own hobby MMOs.  A move like this could save what was once a great community and be financially beneficial as well.

The Devs at Eclipse manages to make money through unsolicited donations as well as renting out server slots for people to host their own games.

Imagine what could be created if people were allowed to build upon the groundwork Zer has laid.

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Re: Maybe it's time to set Faldon free...

Zer does not possess the desire to please anybody but himself.  Zer had suddenly came back around to work on the game, and then again he has been gone for well over a year and a half and that's probably giving him too much credit.  The only thing he wants to do is work on this in his spare time, and the older he gets the less spare time he will have for such an endeavor.  I had a little faith in this when he was back, but since he was so quick to completely abandon it again.. It is clear to me now that   faldon is his bastard child, and he is the dead beat dad who doesn't even acknowledge the existence of his kid.

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