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Does anybody else have an issue with the music stopping at the end of the track rather than looping or starting over, and does anybody know of a fix for this?

Also, got any good video screen capture programs you'd recommend?


Re: Music stops in-game

Does anyone even have the music on =p? Where in the game does the music stop, anywhere or just in specific map areas?

As for screen capture, never done it myself but there's a program called Fraps. It might even be possible with VLC.


Re: Music stops in-game

Lol, for years I never used the music.  Not sure what made me turn it on, but I'm halfway addicted to it now haha.
So a more detailed description of whats going on:
I start the game, music starts.
I run around, music changes to reflect wherever I'm at.
I stand there for a few minutes, music stops playing.
I move around or change maps (track change) and music starts back.  Like I said, it seems as though the music tracks just won't loop.  The only one I've found to play continually is the town music for Val.

I've been looking at fraps, as I used it back in my COD4 days, but I figured I'd see if anybody knew of some better or free/open source alternatives.

I also noticed in the "Who's Online' on the website, GMs have a different color name along with the crown next to their name, and it appears that each step gets it's own color.  If that's the case, what are the corresponding colors for each GM level?

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Re: Music stops in-game

Hey you fatty, you never answered my questions !!

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