Topic: that Password question

Yo, I played a long long time ago. My friends got me into this and i think about it all the time. I have items and stuff they've given to me and as they still play off and on. I wanted to recently, I can't remember my password. The other problem is i think at the time i registered my account with a work email. That makes me feel like my account is just lost forever.

I can remember a few character names or account names and that email i most likely had at the time. If any of that info can get me to a password reset to anything. That would rock. HOpefully thanks guys.


Re: that Password question

Sorry, the only person who can adequately deal with account issues is Zer (the owner of the game) and he is pretty much unavailable.


Re: that Password question

You could always pay one of us l33t hackers to hack yo' shit.  Then though, we'd risk getting banned and probably take everything on your acct anyway.  Best bet would be to just start a new account wink

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