Topic: summoned monsters and drop piles.

Summoning monsters in tight spaces can be a big hassle.  They can trap you on walls and they love nothing more than to stand on every drop pile.  Is there any way that drop piles could take targeting precedence over NPCS?  I thought removing targetability might fix it, but I keep thinking about possible issues in PvP or the edge case where you would want to heal a summon or something.

Also, I love the drop system because i love how Diablo-like it is.  One issue I still run into is trying to pick up separate items in a pile.  In Diablo, the items will drop in a wider radius, allowing for you to pick through the piles.  I would love to see something like this in Faldon.

Piggybacking on the corpse issue someone mentioned, clicking to pick up smaller items (like dragon scales) can also sometimes be unreliable with lots of dead monsters..

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Re: summoned monsters and drop piles.

Been playing and thinking about the summons problem.  Is there any way to make allied creatures(summoned/tamed) unattackable like NPCs?  A big part of the loot problem might be resolved by not having to wait for attack cycles to finish before you can try to loot again when you click a summoned creature.

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