Topic: Couple Suggestions

Just some small suggestions for QOL

1. The Energy bar can be difficult to visually 'read' as the color is a bit hard to differentiate from the empty bar at a glance.
2. Similar for EXP bar - the color contrast isn't always clear especially in different lighting

For both #1,2  - perhaps a bit more contrast would be beneficial.

3. Escape Key - having escape close open menus quickly if they are open - and then if none are open - display the logoff menu. I am constantly trying to quickly close inventory, etc with escape.
4. Escape Key - if the log off menu is open - hitting escape should close it again
5. Escape Key - if chat bar is in focus - escape would change focus back to main screen to quickly use hotkeys again

#6 - Action Queueing - Perhaps spells and physical actions could have different handlers? Fighting mobs + trying to heal or cast slimes sometimes queues up the spells and they end up casting in burst after the mob is dead - unable to heal during the fight

#7 - Tool Tips over the basic stats to explain what they do - like int/stamina and perhaps recommendations on 'base stats' and how they work? Anything really.

smile thanks Zer

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