Topic: 2024/2/9 Update

February 9, 2024:
Fixed projectiles only firing if you could walk to where you targeted.
Fixed Teleport letting you teleport into walls.
- Thanks to Yakuzaa for reporting this bug!
Fixed the Who's Online menu's incorrect layout.
Made the Escape key clear the chat message you have typed.
- Thanks to Angeldust for this suggestion!
Made the Escape key close windows.
- Thanks to Pennywise for this suggestion!
Made the Escape key go backwards at login screens.
Made pets draw behind items on the ground.
Padded menu items to make them easier to click on.
Sending mail to someone with a full mailbox no longer spins the hourglass forever.
- Thanks to Angeldust for reporting this bug!
Some scripts say "right click to do such and so". These now work again.
- Thanks to Ziegen for reporting this bug!
The game would crash at startup if you had no sound card.
- Thanks to whomever reported this crash.