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I made a quick mockup with a few notes on UI that would improve my QOL greatly.

1.  My field of vision normally exists from 2/3 of the way up the screen to the bottom when I play almost every game.  As such, I would prefer the top of the screen be reserved for options, which are used much less frequently than skills.

2.  Inventory and window management are a little brutal right now, to be perfectly honest.  The windows overlap and it becomes a game of Tetris to send a mail.  If inventory icon was always reserved to be in the bottom right and was uncoupled with the paperdoll(which should be part of player stats before inventory window imo), you really have a lot more room to mail stuff, bank, ect.

My absolutely dream would be for all the windows to pop up and automatically be aligned left to right on the screen as I opened them.

3.  Inventory is the most used icon in the options bar, it can be it's own thing.  This is the way the overwhelming majority of all mmorpgs are set up.

4 & 5.  Since inventory is moved to bottom right, you can have you active skill moved to the middle of the skills bar - i dunno, in some glass orb or something.

6.  It would be nice if health bars were more in the line of sight of the player.

7.  Chat is the greatest offender of being in the way, currently.  It's also difficult to read, at times, with a transparent background.  Would love for it to be either at the top or bottom left of the screen so it's more in line with contemporary games' chat windows.

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