Topic: Want to do a translation?

Would you be interesting in translating the game client into your own language?
This is not for quests, just the basic game client text like the Login buttons, Buy/Sell, etc.
(You may notice at the login screen, that there is presently an option to choose between English and Dutch (Spy's translation).)

If you'd like to, edit the attached file in Notepad. The part inside Value="text goes here" is what should be in your language. Replace the English text.
To test it, put it in Gui\Languages\(some filename).xml inside C:\Users\(name)\AppData\Local\Illusory Studios\Faldon
Then, edit Gui\Languages.xml to add a line for it.

In next week's version, I am going to make it check the system language to automatically choose a translation. If you'd like this for your language, post your translation here! Thanks!

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