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I recently dropped a Demoanic/Sadness Daga, but it doesn't work.

Is it possible to provide a list of weapons from each skill category that work as gear (% Damage)?


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I read in the update that Titan claymore now has +%. along with "other weapons". Any info on which weapons other than TCM are active with +%dmg would be greatly appreciated


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I agree,

James, if possible, can you list the weapons that had their damage % corrected?


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when i tried with battle axe, sagaris, flail, tree, they all worked correctly with %dmg pref, so i assume all melee are fixed now

bows dont work with %dmg from what i saw


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All these weapons (battle axe, sagaris, flail, tree)  already worked % before, at least in the Odl client I used the same ones and they worked with %


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when i tested battle axe, sagaris, flail, mace, bastard sword and tree last week they did not work with %dmg --> leading me to make my post in general chat, i think you are mistaken. as you can see on the faldon wiki page about %dmg it says only certain weapons work with %dmg and as you can see, they are all unique or lost artifacts (https://faldon.fandom.com/wiki/%25Gear).

also there are old posts on the discord about it: (forgiv me, i kno open faldon is blasphemous))))))

now after update, they all work with %dmg

historically the %dmg has only worked with unique or lost artifacts

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