Topic: More GUI Suggestions / Observations

So, I have been playing around a bit @ 1600x1200 windowed mode, and also full screen @ 3440x1440. I have to say that the DPI adjustments are a nice change. Thanks Zer! it shows more on screen, but also not zoomed out so far that everything is tiny and causes draw oddities.

But, the font size for chat, tool tips, and the server status messages all seem way too large now. It would be nice to be able to adjust the font size for chat. We could probably see way more chat with smaller box. It seems like if there is more than one person chatting, and a player logs in/out, the chat is already long gone. Also, as a few players have mentioned, the chat text would be more visible if it had shadow backdrop to it like the text for a players title, or the say chat. That creates good contrast if the broadcast chat is over white or lighter background.

The status messages look a bit cluttered when they appear right above chat in the center of the screen. I thought they looked best to the bottom left like they used to be located. They also seem to disappear very quickly. Maybe if they stacked higher, and faded out like in this example:

I think we used to have chat filters? It was nice to be able to filter out broadcast chat, or login/logout messages, etc.

Minor suggestions about tooltips. Is it me, or do they popup too quickly?, for some reason I anticipate more of a delay. Also, using the mini mini icons along with the information might be nicer visually. A lot of missing information on spells & skills as well. We could show mana use, damage type, damage amount, etc. Here is a crappy copy & paste example of what I mean:

Lastly, a new and improved drop quantity suggestion:  cool