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I know this may not be a very relevant topic and I apologize for that, but is there any chance that items like Bliss or BoL will return to the way they were before?

Ex: Bliss's appearance is the same as the clown hat, but the Blood Crown continues with the appearance it had on the previous client (This appearance is prettier).


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Bless does and always has shared the same art as a jesters cap.  This goes all the way back to before this map/client.

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Sure, thk..  sad


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wasn't bliss changed to crown? like bliss item on website shows crown

and i think this was bliss?

and seems like there were some changes previously


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In much older versions of Faldon, Bliss was a version of the Jester's Cap. I thought the theme is jokingly "Ignorance is Bliss", like a fool's hat, but I could be mistaken. Fast forward many years into this version of Faldon I received a lot of requests from players to make the jester's hat art (among other new things like the chef's hat, more bow art, and so on.).

Well, recently we finally patched in the jester's cap art, and it was applied to the Bliss item too since the crown was just a placeholder. I suspect the website's info just has separate data.

Bottom line is the object data for equipment is completely arbitrary- we can put in a straw hat art, make it red and call it Crimson Cap. Bliss could be a crown, or a santa hat lol, can't please everyone I suppose.

One thing I've noticed in Faldon is that there seems to be high scarcity of sought after equipment with decent stats/properties, and also not much variety of equipment appearance. I wish we had more uniques with more variation, and reasonable ways of getting them so that so much focus wasn't put on the few types of uniques circulating in game. There's so much to work with as far as graphics, and colorization, and item modifiers/stats that there could be a much wider variety of game content. I can't count the number of graphics in game that just don't have a decent item type in game, or a way to get it in game so it sits dormant when we could have so much more available.


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Other items that should be reverted are Souls robe (looks like monk robe... the old art was so much better. and its block should def be increased) Aegis, blood robe, nature shield. pretty much all translucent art, we lost all our translucent item art sad which was really cool


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When did it change, with the new client?


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There's always been a bit of a 'grand vision' issue with progression in this game.

Good news is now there's a quarter century of data to draw upon when planning gear progression when it comes time to rewrite the server.

Oh.  Can we have cow skull helmet art again pleeeeease  cool

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