Topic: IRC

Does anyone know of any good IRC channels for programming?  I have gotten the basics of C++ down, and now I am trying to work on some VC++; but I hate posting questions on message boards waiting for answers.  Atleast when it comes to needing an answer before doing anything else on a project.



Since I am new to C++ and VC++ programming I am looking for some input from those of you who have been doing it a while.  I want to make an application that will allow you to "launch" another program inside of it.  Thus, the application will control the network flow of the program.  Then the application could control which port and what IP address it is talking to.  Then make a server side program to accept these conversations from the original application.  I want this mainly for doing things like running ICQ through port 21 to the Server Application at home, and the Server Application would talk to the icq server the forward responses back to my client application.  What are your thoughts?



<-Mage<- I don't know of any programming chats, but if you don't mind a type of message board which can often be quick:


That is a very nice system for allowing you to both get and provide help.

As for what you are trying to do, it sounds to me like you would need to implement some hooking, which I am doubting you have the skill at current to even get into.  Beyond that, I am not even sure if hooking would work for changing the port, it should, but I have never done too much with hooking programs and their API calls.