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Alas due to hardware failure and lack of funds I find myself stuck with linux for the time being..I know there was work on a linux client a while back, is it anywhere near fit to release? That or directions as to how to get Faldon running in wine.. so far i have patched all the files in wine but after that it just freezes on me when I try to run the game....  any and all suggestions welcome, I need my fix of faldon, it's been far too long sad

BTW I'm a linux nub so you may have to take it slow with me.....

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Lol as for as I know the current client isn't compatible with linux.

The new client will be I think but that's not done yet.


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heh I know the current client is not compatible with linux, wine is a program that attempts to provide an environment that windows programs can run in whilst using the linux OS.

Further updates on my epic failure to get back online...
I got hold of a working copy of windows and a key to go with it, installed and everything looked happy till I tried to connect to the intertangle, no drivers included for my ethernet card so back to linux i go so i can download drivers, job done burned them to a cd, put my windows cd back in, boot from said cd to dos prompt, run fdisk get the menu all good so far... select option 4(view partition info) oops it hangs sad same whichever option I select in fdisk, so I try fdisk /mbr .... fdisk still hangs so i have to put linux back on again sad

I've tried a couple of partition managers in linux also they just hang or bomb out with fatal errors...
Anyone got any idea where i go from here?

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millhouse i have a CD, with a master KEY for windows XP, not sure how i can help but let me know, if i can somehow get something to u< imwhite hates faldon but we all need our FIX, btw to anyone wanting to buy mass items for usd PosT<