Topic: Offline Faldon Server

Hey. So,  a while back. I discovered Magistrates server. And I wondered how he did it. So, I'm here today asking: How do you make a Faldon Server? I'm not trying to create a whole new server. I just want to make one for my own personal use. You know, to like mess around with. Add new things to. So I could play offline when I go out of town with my laptop and stuff. If anyone could help me, It'd be great. I can give you my MSN if you know how. Please reply. No flame please. Thanks. cool


Re: Offline Faldon Server

Mage123 wrote:

I'm not trying to create a whole new server.

Unless you can get Zer to give you a copy of the current server that is exactly what you will have to do.

Magistrate reverse engineered some of the Faldon packet protocol and made his own server mirror the behaviour.

It is probably easier to just buy an umts card for your laptop so you can feed your Faldon addiction everywhere, anytime.  tongue