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is it possible to run faldon on a mac product without using a bootcamp to run a windows version?


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Is it possible to run Faldon on a Mac?
Without using Windows in an emulator, you can try running Faldon using Wine. Information is available here and here. The setup is complicated, but it ought to be possible.

Having tried Faldon using Wine and Linux, I can say that it does not run perfectly. It is rather slow, and say chat is invisible (other chat works, however). Windowed mode does not work properly because Wine positions the window incorrectly. This may be different on the Mac - please comment if so.

Unlike the old client, the new client uses SDL for graphics and OpenAL for sound, meaning it is portable to other OSes. It runs well on Linux and if I had a Mac it would run fine on that too (though I would still need a Mac to compile it). But that's not out yet.

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One thing worth trying is the same approach as on Windows Vista/7 systems that cannot run the game at a proper speed (though that may be a video card issue). Try running it under Wine with Hardware Acceleration off and perhaps Direct3D Lighting off. The main issue with speed on Wine is the same as on Vista/7 -- the use of TextOut to a DirectDraw surface, and turning off HW acceleration ought to make that not matter.