Topic: New Items?!

Are there gonna be new weapons as in stronger weapons for higher levels and such? What about new stronger mobs?


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lol.... LOL... rofl... ahahaha...  it took a year to get zer to allow an UPDATE on items...


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That is where you are wrong, there are already a few more new items, just have to  be released with the new client because of the art differences and changes, seriously all this trash talking and you will probably and most likely still play all because of a quest you are having trouble with? I don't get it.



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I hope so... i do intend on checking the game out again after the new client is released... but for now it's just too buggy and abused.  I hope you take the auto filters out.. atleast change it to how nigger is filtered now and just blanks it... the procreate and beautiful woman shit is what is really fucking up chat.


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You can delete this topic as rick posted that other topic