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Because I have a Mac tongue. Gave my PC to my brother not to long ago and now i have no way to play Faldon. I mean i could use Wine, but i honestly don't know how to set it up. And if i don't figure it out soon idk what i'm going to do tongue. I miss killing dires for hours a day im not gonna lie. If anyone could help me set Wine up it would be greatly appreciated.



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Pirate a copy of win xp and use the dual boot thing?

Idk how different the Mac Wine is from the Linux Wine but it'll probably be laggier and buggier than running it on Windows. Faldon on Linux Wine had some very weird effects, messed up lightning, missing text and other weird shit. In short it was no where near playable.


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I would need to purchase Snow Leopard to do that i'm pretty sure. Which I was considering doing anyway, but if theres an easier was i was hoping for that. And is running Faldon on Wine really that bad? I figured i would read up on it and try my luck but now im a little iffy about it after reading your reply.

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you could use parrallels, its abit laggy but runs fine.
you have to however disable the special function F keys , else you wont be able to use market, read mails etc in the game cuz the F keys are being used for the mac specialties.
or you can as ive found to be the best solution, dual boot, you dont need snow leopard for that, just make sure to run ur mac osx installation disc after u installed windows so it auto installs all the drivers

if u decide to use parrallels i got  a working key for parrallels 5
GFB577-DDJJ9A-VGPP47-EAB1YR-( EEQDMJ ) <--- cant see my hand writing if i wrote EEQDMJ or EEQOMJ
but this key still works for me, so good luck.


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I can only find a Parrallels 6 download. Would that still work with your key?

Edit: Never mind i got an email with the key.

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A new problem arises..I dont have a copy of Windows XP. If anyone wants to explain to me how to procure myself a copy (wink wink) let me know and ill give you my email.


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Search any reputable torrent site for windows xp and you'll find loads.


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Pirate bay.org ~