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I think npc rick needs to give more GP for items, make people want to sell items to him. There are too many items in game cause every drop is kept. So everyone has near enough every item. Items don't circulate in the economy, whereas GP does


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Don't forget that Rick is mainly for newbs so they can sell all the random crap they find to make some money as well as a place to buy newby gear. The reasons that there's so many items are the fact that a large portion of the items serve no purpose and all items that do serve a purpose can be repaired to full dura.


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Well make a npc like kyra that buys all items for semi good GP, like all the SOK's and MSTARS and pretty much most items. If i got a crappy pre/suf SOK i would like to sell it to a npc and not have to wait for weeks til a player buys it.


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the answer is always no lol, in no way shape or form will this ruin the economy rick, your a fucking faggot.
it would help the OLD players, the only thing that has kept this game running for so many years, wihtout us zer wouldnt have gotten any C time sold over the years, fucking start listening or just stop logging on ;/

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Kr0nic, why do you assume that he's not listening?  Have you ever considered that they do hear you, but your ideas are neither novel nor workable?  That maybe your suggestions are short-sighted and have been tried in the past only to make the economy worse?

Or maybe I'm the naive one.  Maybe it's the case that you are John Nash incarnate and your ideas are the panacea for Faldon's economy.  Maybe that's what it is, but my money is the former.


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How would you know what happened in the past years if you yourself havn't logged for , like what 6 years?

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I didn't claim to know anything about what's actually occuring, Mister Rob.  My point was that just because a GM doesn't implement every suggestion that Kr0nic says doesn't mean they are ignoring him.

He's working under the assumption that the only thing stopping his ideas from being implemented are that he's being ignored.  What I'm saying is, there's also the possibility that his ideas aren't being implemented because they are just bad ideas.


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rick is fine imo, i sell and buy shit to him all the time. ofc it's not much but mailing crap items away i get lvling or camping makes me decent money off him. It would be cool if he paid more for some of the rarer items, but it would also be cool if those useless items ur mentioning Mr Spy were made useful. Some br today tried to sell me a horror... cause it's a lost artifact thinking just cause it's C only it's valuable... and we all know that thing is a piece of shit. maybe if some of those items that are completely useless to everyone they would actually circulate as well instead of rotting in banks. I've also noticed some new items, the lvls of characters is nuts in this game and only the monsters scale in difficulty, but the gear really doesn't. the weapons can if they work with bonus dmg, but there is a limited selection of useable items when lvling and the valued items are usually based on how the item looks along with its rarity. and again.... mumblee gtfo no one reads what you say... we just see mumblee and scroll down


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it would help fix the economy, as 18k for a cdag is ridiculous. So no one will ever sell cdags to him and they will all remain in game