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Midas, the popular merchant for those who have managed to acquire some rare elven gold, has been robbed! An evil witch named Haggy (how original...) has commanded her followers to dig an underground tunnel to Midas' vault in the bank of Midgard. They took off with a significant amount of elven gold. Rumour has it that Haggy has found a way to use the magical properties of the elven gold for her dark activities. Midas and his guards have managed to secure the vault but Haggy is still out there.

Do you dare to retaliate? She is a formidable opponent with powerful summoning spells and a group of fiercely loyal followers. Be sure to bring a good team if you plan to take her down. If you are successful, may very well recover some of that stolen elven gold...

- For more information talk to Midas (he lives in Midgard),
- Level 150+ is advised,
- This challenge can be repeated,
- Highscores of participants will be kept.

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