Topic: Fonts and ground tiles

Two unrelated suggestions.

1.  The font when mousing over players is a little cramped and hard on the eyes at times.  Is there any way it can be made bold?

2.  It’s still trouble to mouse move through tight corridors.  Is there a way to make it so wall clicks aren’t registered and only the floor tiles?  Can’t think of many scenarios where you need to left click any non npcs above floor Z level

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Re: Fonts and ground tiles

As to #2, except for stairs it already only responds to floor tiles. But, it does it for floors of other Z levels. See what you think of today's update -- it falls back to the current Z level if it can't find a route to the tile on the other Z level.


Re: Fonts and ground tiles

Sooo much better.  Really starting to feel good to mouse move.  Have been talking to others and it would feel better to be able to hold the left mouse and always attack when you are in range and facing a monster (like Diablo).  The same applies for ctrl.  You used to be able to just hold it and fight monsters.

Item pickup feels a bit tedious, still for small items.  Even lowest resolution full screen, the feathers and scales feel tricky to click.

Like the item spread, but it’s bugging.  Flowers on the ground move around when the player walks and items move and restock when the player moves in and out of range or monsters walk around.  Could you just have each item randomly drop in any of the 9 tiles adjacent to where the monster dies?

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Re: Fonts and ground tiles

I was going to post about the item pick up thing, but its a fairly minor thing. James, its really starting to come together. Its impressive what has been accomplished over these last months. I genuinely hope you stick with this and finish the client out. Thanks,