Topic: Suggestions for improvements

G Night!

I created this topic to suggest some suggestions for improving the game, as follows:

1 - The appearance of Gold Ore and Elven Nuggets is the same ore, it would be interesting to change it so as not to confuse them.

2 -Change the look of the item Divine Sword (Dsword). I commented a while ago on another forum that the item has the same look as the SoK (Sword of Kings). A change to differentiate the swords from one another would be interesting.

3 - More pants options or better/simple, being able to change the color of existing pants. It may seem silly but I believe that more people agree and like to wear combined clothes.

4 - It would be interesting to make some changes to the events within the game (Pit, Raid / Magma) or the addition of a new event to encourage players since many have recently returned to playing.

4.1 - For Pits, higher difficulty levels could be added and the higher the more chances of obtaining items.
4.2 - I also thought of a Pit scoring system where upon completing it you get certain points that are cumulative and that can be exchanged for items/materials when you get X score. Technically it would be a "store system" and would also be used for Raid.
4.3 - As for Magma, I thought it would be interesting to increase the items that are dropped there or even replace the currently dropped items with other items...

5 - I recently trained some skills to maximum level 200.89, however, I still have the same title in my name (Assasin). I could create an NPC where you could change the character's title since I have the skills at maximum level.

6 - Clear the market. Perhaps this is the most important thing, we need to move the gaming market again. Currently the only way to sell an item is to NPC Rick, which limits things a lot...

There should be price/day limitations to place an item on the market, this way there would be no more pollution and if it is not sold in X days it automatically returns to the player via Mail.

James, I know you're not in the mood to add anything new to the game, but I believe that at this moment some small changes to move the game along would be interesting as we have a lot of players again...

I will update the topic as I observe more situations. If anyone wants to comment on something too, feel free to report it here.

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