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i didn't know where to post this to make sure it got looked at but...   when i go to view drop lists for monsters the play now screenshots  and citizen/upgrade windows cover the items and there is a large area that is unused and not blocked by those windows...   probably something u already know about but it's annoying me lol


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it does the same thing to me, in internet explorer and firefox


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i am on firefox, the info box for the drop list is just too big to the right, it's not centered and the 3 said windows cover the actual drop rates and names of the items.   I can still see item art.  the info box looks like it has monster stats set to the left along with spells while the drops are set to the right.   Firefox 3.5.9  is the browser i use


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Hmm, what's your screen resolution?


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^^^^excatly what he said, im on firefox 3.5.9 and same screen resolution, i even tried bigger and its the same problem


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A screenshot might help Zer figure out where it's going wrong.


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well im new to uploading SS so ill try this


let me know if you guys cant see it

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haha yes thats IE 7, do you want a firefox SS i can get it, but it looks the same as far as whats wrong

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ah excellent, went to get a sshot for you and the site is perfect! good job  big_smile