Topic: No character or chat?

Each time I log in, in the account screen there is no cursor line, and characters do not show up when typed.  I know they are there, because I can type my account and pw and access the characters screen.  I enter my pw for the character (whose names don't show up either) and it logs me in.  Once I get logged in, the map displays, along with all skills and spells, but no stats show up, chat doesn't show up, and no monsters or characters appear.  After running around for a while, I found blood spraying, and when I attacked it, the corpse of the mob appeared, along with the drops.  Any ideas on what the problem might be or ways to fix it would be greatly appreciated.  I'd really hate to try re-installing, seeing as how I'm on dial-up and it takes forever to download the client and updates.

Update:  Don't know what happened, but after I posted this the cursor in the login page started blinking and everything started working.

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Re: No character or chat?

Who still uses dial up? U need to upgrade my man


Re: No character or chat?

Try messing around with different graphics settings in the config file...

And update your video card drivers

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