Topic: Can't DL game..?

Yea. So I've tried the past two days to download it... And it just doesn't load. I've tried Mozilla and Internet Explorer.

Suggestions? tongue

**And the website doesn't even load for that matter**


Re: Can't DL game..?

I live in Missouri.

I'd upload a picture but I'm not sure how.... And I know where to click because I know where it was when the website DID work properly. Besides, you can always click "View", "Page style", "No style". And click download that way.


Re: Can't DL game..?

Try dropping to a command line, typing tracert cdn.faldonrpg.com, and pasting in the results.

MaxCDN uses about 10 different geographical locations... it's possible one of their servers isn't mirroring the file right.


Re: Can't DL game..?

Ehm, just MAYBE you guys should read forums more often.. Like everyone has issues with the website. In the Netherlands, UK , USA, Canada , Jupiter

So yeah .. Just MAYBE you guys should really keep track of the game?


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Re: Can't DL game..?

it is rather difficult to download game. Ive had to re click download faldon millions of times to get it to work.


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Website's fixed tongue


Re: Can't DL game..?

Still can't download the game....  Website is fixed though smile


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What do you mean by "cant download the game", does the download just not start, you get a 404 or is it uber slow?


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Uber... There's a word I haven't heard in a long time... Anyways. It'll take 5 minutes to load, the I get a 404 page won't load error.


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mine always just  didnt have the download start


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Download works! tongue