Topic: Raid on Arrakeen solo issue?

So I found the raid and had a go at it, no one else around so had to kite away the mobs one by one mostly and occasionally got bumrushed by multiple undead guards or a huge bunch that only spawns when you're on top...

Anyway got through them eventually and was given a popup screen with two raid loots mith ore and something else... but both options were to pass.

Am I missing something or do I have to need/greed/pass while alone?

I've never done a group loot before so I guess I had no points.

Anyway it granted me 730kxp but no loot.


Unless that was the loot... but where did the ore go then


Re: Raid on Arrakeen solo issue?

Ok did it again and read the instructions.

Changed default pass to greed and got the loots  big_smile


Re: Raid on Arrakeen solo issue?

Hey, Spy's website has tonnes of useful info. More specifically a guide on the loot system: https://www.faldonrpg.com/faq.php?id=72031

Any other questions hit me up.

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