1 Sticky: New Faldon Community [Reddit]

by Dedsox

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4 Sticky, Closed: Recovering ASCII-coded Passwords

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5 The~Dark1 e Supla

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6 Oh my...

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7 Log In Broken

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8 Server is Down

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11 Contact?

by Z3rk

12 how to make gps

by Dawgg

13 Just an observation.

by cassio52

14 30 players online

by Supla

19 Reunion?

by Mia23

21 How to reacquire old accounts?

by King Faldon

22 Faldon Discord Server?

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23 Faldon and Windows 10

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24 Citizenship

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25 Dead game?

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26 @zer

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29 New player, few questions.

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30 3d Client

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