31 Oh my...

by myrtheus

32 Log In Broken

by travis

33 Server is Down

by travis

36 Contact?

by Z3rk

37 how to make gps

by Dawgg

38 Just an observation.

by cassio52

39 30 players online

by Supla

44 Reunion?

by Mia23

45 How to reacquire old accounts?

by King Faldon

46 Faldon Discord Server?

by Quackotron

47 Faldon and Windows 10

by Quackotron

48 Citizenship

by Yakuzaa

49 Dead game?

by Lexxan

50 @zer

by Kr0nic


by Kr0nic

53 New player, few questions.

by Quackotron

54 Wipe

by Forest Haven

56 Stuff for sale

by Judy

57 Wow its still alive?

by cricketkeep

58 Stop

by Heredom

60 Lost Account

by BigPapa