Topic: Account Trading

Whilst we do not take any measures to prevent or limit the sale and trade of accounts and characters, we do not sanction it either.

As such, when you trade an account and you get problems with passwords, and especially the email belonging to an account, you are in a bad position, especially since as a rule, Coma will not change the e-mail associated to an account if you do not own the e-mail that is currently associated to it.

Basically what I'm saying is that a lot of players get trouble, unwanted players on their account or even scammed in such deals, so be careful about this and remember that it's your own responsibility and risk when you decide to engage in such a thing.

The best way to be safe is simply to make and use your own accounts, with a valid e-mail associated to it and not share your email, accounts and passwords. However, obviously not everyone will listen to this, so if you must take part in such trading activity, try to get the e-mail associated to an account as a part of the deal instead of just the account. If it's his main e-mail, ask the owner to try to get it changed first. It's hard to get Coma to change it, but if he has the original email there is a reasonably chance as opposed to you yourself after the purchase.

In the end it is still your risk, but since Im kinda tired of people asking me for help when these kind of activities lead to trouble and dispute, I am posting this in the hope that it'll help at least some. (And to make it clearer I cannot help much in such events).

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