Topic: Trouble with new client crashing

So, for the past couple days, whenever I try to run the new client, it will flash to a black screen and my monitor will flash for a resolution change and the game will just close.  If, for whatever reason, I manage to start the game and it's minimized, it will stay open and mousing over the task bar icon will show a normal login window.  As soon as I focus the game, it flashes black and closes.  I tried disable fullscreen optimizations and DPI scaling and it didn't help.  I tried running the game through my GPU and integrated graphics and no change.  I also have tried rebooting, reinstalling Faldon and deleting the Faldon.ini in Windows dir.  I don't recall any major Windows or driver updates any time in the past week.

I am running Windows 10 Pro 2004
2070 super
16gb DDR3

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

*Edit* So, rebooting after reinstalling seemed to fix it

Also, I still have not been granted two C time purchases I made. cool  cool  cool

*edit* I LOVE LOVE LOVE the map editor.  I have been wishing for a stand alone editor to play with for, like, forever!  I assume the terrain morphing means that we will soon have actually geography to the ground on the new server?  Super excited for that!

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Re: Trouble with new client crashing

Well, soon is a question. I don't want to promise any time on the map editor. Even the new client can't read the new map editor's format yet. We put in many features we wanted to later add to the client and server.

The order I anticipate is:

- get all the major bugs out of the new client
- make the new client able to read and patch the new map format with the old server... we need something that can edit the old server's maps after all tongue and that'll be easier than working out the bugs on multiple things at once
- deal with the server side after that

The terrain morphing... It's a long term goal, yeah.  It turns out Wu and my backups weren't the newest -- previously, we had started adding actual terrain textures, instead of deriving them only from 2D tiles, and we had alpha transitions (you may notice this in "Floor Autotransitioner" which doesn't seem to work). So there are still some things we need to do to even get back to baseline.