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Elven gold nuggets (obtained by killing haggy, desert raid, and magma boss)

These show up as "gold ore" in your inventory. Anyway we can rename this to elven gold ore so that theres no confusion while selling/trading?



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Taking advantage of this, I would like there to be a tutorial on how to transform Enuggets into Egolds and then what is its purpose?

Does it serve to increase the durability of an item?

If yes, where do you use it?  WHAT skill?  What do you need....

I didn't find information about this anywhere.


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What is elven gold?
Elven gold is a sub-currency in Faldon which was first introduced as a gift to all Citizens during the Christmas event of 2010. The elven gold could be traded with the event NPC Midas to upgrade spells to higher levels, to upgrade the maximum durability of items (to a maximum of 160), or exchanged for 2000 gold pieces each. As players didn't spend all their elven gold during the event Midas was given a permanent home in Midgard so players could spend their remaining elven gold. At this point the option to trade elven gold for gold pieces was removed.

How can I get elven gold?
For a few years following the Christmas event which introduced elven gold it was not possible for players to get any new elven gold. This however changed, and over time new ways to obtain elven gold have been introduced.

- Drinking mysterious potions can (as well as other things) give you 1 elven gold.
- The Haggy quest rewards you with elven gold nuggets. 25 of these elven gold nuggets can be converted to 1 elven gold by using the furnace in Midgard (requires that you have completed the Miners on strike quest).
- Proper levelling can result in The Watcher rewarding you with 1 elven gold.

What can I do with elven gold now?
Currently you can spend your elven gold at Midas to upgrade spells to higher levels, to upgrade the maximum durability of items (to a maximum of 160), or to buy a variety of rare items. Note that Midas will only show his elven gold options if you actually have some elven gold in your inventory.


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If you have egold and gold ores in your inventory there is no way to tell which is which. they both just say gold ore


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Also you have to turn e gold ore into e gold bars? which apparently takes 100 blacksmith to do now. Im a druid, i cant mine.. it should be like when it first came out. What is the point of locking it behind another skill?