Topic: Common Problems

The following are common questions if you have a question please read the red-titles to see if you can find your problem before making a post.

"Connection Error #1006*(10060-10069) - Failed to connect to game server."
This means that the Faldon server is down, this is not a bug and is not something that can really be fixed. (Or your connection is down, but if you are here.. probably the former.)

"Unable to Synchronize"
This means that the Faldon servers port is currently not accepting connections for whatever reason. Open Faldon's patcher/launcher, select options -> sockets -> Check or uncheck (depending on what it is currently) Connect on alternate port. If this does not work then both ports are down and you will have to wait.

Unprovoked crashes:
Many people come complaining about crashes that seem to happen for no reason. Normally this is a video problem, first thing you can Open Faldon's patcher/launcher, select options -> Display -> uncheck Hardware Acceleration.
If this does not work find out what your video card is, search for newer drivers, if this does not work, then try finding older drivers.
Also try to download the maps listed below under, "Maps display incorrectly." as it could be a map-crash.

Pets will not warp.
Sadly this is a known problem, it happens and there is nothing we can do about it.

Character is unable to run.
If you can not run try toggling numlock.

Maps display incorrectly.
Corrupt maps are not too common but it does happen if you need to fix yours download your replacements  here.

Item doesn't appear on the market.
The market has a maximum amount of listed items if the market reaches this amount your item will not show until items above it are purchased.

My mana/health will not regenerate.
In Faldon you must eat in order to maintain your regeneration rates.

I can not do the @ sign for my e-mail.
If you send me a mail in Faldon, e-mail, or here in the discussion boards with account information, I can create for you an account bound to your e-mail address.  You will need to send me your E-mail, a password, and an account name.  To speed things up you may want to provide alternate account names in case one is not available. (Your account name will not affect your in-game characters in any way)

1HP/MP stat problems:
If this is happening it seems to be an issue with lag. If you just stay in it should fix itself. If you relog it may help if the lag problem has been resolved, but if the server is still having issues it will most likely remain. This will NOT affect your character however, and you may play like normal.

Game crashes with a message about Sticky Keys:
If this happens, you can remove the feature by clicking Settings.  Uncheck Use sticky keys, and press the settings button.  Uncheck the use shortcut option and it should no longer be a problem.
If the screen is not currently up, you can bring it up to fix this by tapping the shift key repeatedly until it shows.  If it does not show, you should not have a problem with this.


Re: Common Problems

Now Fixed:
*crash when in water while opening your inv.
*crash when exiting the game.
*crash when minimizing when near a particle system.

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