Topic: spiders lvl 2 quest

i'm having a hard time completing this quest, i bring the poisonous potion to mr dracula and he says he can see it in the darkness.  But the bug i think i found... i had dblood and the poisonous potion in my inv and it said he stole dblood but he stole the quest item...  no one seems to know how this quest works and the npc's don't tell me shit...  totally lost here and it's pissing me off cause i already have spiders lvl2 but for some senseless reason i still have to do this confusing and directionless quest.


Re: spiders lvl 2 quest

its not a bug, u missed something to do with the dracula smile


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him taking the wrong item out of my inventory is a bug.   i figured the quest out with barbie girls help


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It happends cause the server sees the renamed poison blood as regular blood too, I guess I could fix it but I'm sorta lazy ;p


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heh, i also died doing that quest in the place that starts stinking or w/e cause i didn't know wtf to do lol.  and i had to make the blood to get down again, kinda lame