Topic: New Faldon Community [Reddit]

I figured we could potentially find some new players over there & hopefully use it as our main community as these forums are pretty inactive and not everyone uses the Facebook page. Please take the time to register to Reddit (only takes a second) and help fill our front page with interesting stuff. If we can manage to get a few new players then I'll be doing some competitions etc in the future.

Anybody else got any good suggestions for content to try and grab some new players? Sign up, log in and post something if you guys are serious about trying to get this game back to its former glory days.


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Re: New Faldon Community [Reddit]

Fuck Reddit.

Modern cyberspace is a deadly festering swamp, teeming with dangerous programs such as''licensed Microsoft software'' that can take over your computer and render it useless.


Re: New Faldon Community [Reddit]

You love it.

I would eat a Panda

Re: New Faldon Community [Reddit]

Keep it alive brutha!!! lol. I pine for the days of 110 people online. Dead dead dead...

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