Topic: James Bellinger, Indicted

It is hereby decreed that Mr. James Bellinger is to be indicted by Faldons Plague for breach of fiduciary duty. Mr. Bellinger has been served an official warrant for his arrest, and he understands that his arraignment date shall be set for the new year. Mr. Bellinger is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers.

"Defending F.P. members and all associated allies since 2001."


Re: James Bellinger, Indicted


Hereby I announce my presence at the hearing. I understand all the current facts stated and would like to elaborate my appliance.

As a player, currently inactive, I created my first character in 2001. Played activly untill 2015. The accused, Jamer F. BELLINGER, is the creator of the ORPG Faldon. My relation with him is nothing but player-GM. His absence has been abundant, even through his 'active'years. Since 2009 however, its been lacking even more, even to a point where its none existant.

My role in this game was not an important one, but a very social one. One where I have conversated with a many individuals. We all share the burden. No. Development. Current players of Faldon still pay for their membership; whilst getting nothing in return. I fullt understand that the game is as is. But that is not what was promised through official communication mediums. Mr. Bellinger is in the wrong and should compensate all inflicted due to his neglectance. I am able to provide proof for the allegations.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Your mother.