Topic: Faldon and Windows 10

After playing around with various other(lesser) games and trying different things I made a discovery..

Faldon runs nearly perfectly in a WindowsXP virtual machine.  So us Windows 10 users have hope.

I use Windows XP in Oracle VirtualBox and I get zero slowdown or graphics glitches that I can see.

Just make sure you tweak a few of the virtual machines settings.  Specifically...

In the virtual machine "System" settings make sure you have the Pointing Device Option set to "PS/2 Mouse"

And in the VM "Display" settings make sure you check the boxes next to both "Enable 3D acceleration" and "Enable 2D Video Acceleration.

You're on your own for finding a CD or an ISO file for Windows XP though.

I may post some screenshots of the settings I use later.  But for now I'm gonna go back to playing me some Faldon!